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Shandong Computer Science Center

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As a subordinate organization of Shandong Provincial Science Institute and one of the earliest professional scientific research organizations of Shandong Province specialized in computer application technology research and development, Shandong Computer Science Center was established in 1976, and now have several subordinate scientific research and public service organs such as the Shandong Provincial Key Computer Network Laboratory, Shandong Software Testing Center, Shandong Provincial Computer Network Quality Supervision and Inspection Station, Shandong Computer Judiciary Appraisal Institute, Shandong Provincial Confidential Computer Network Evaluation Center.


The Center is devoted to the development of computer network technology, information safety theory, high-performance computation, information system testing, software engineering, embedded systems, multi-media technologies, etc., and has won wide recognition and praise of the society by its research and service provided in the above-mentioned areas. In addition, the Center is nominated by the Shandong Provincial Government as an Informatization Construction Technology Support Unit.