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The Pilot experimental Base, SDAS

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High and New Technology Pilot-Test Base, SDAS
To implement the idea of the Shandong Provincial government to build the SDAS into a research center and a pilot test base, the Pilot-Test Base was begin to be built in 1994. The Pilot-Test Base is located at No. 28789 Jingshi Road East, covers an area of 90 Ha , with 41 employees, 30% of whom are senior technical personnel. In 1998, approved by the State Council, the Pilot-Test Base became the Science Park and High & New technological incubator of Jinan Hi & New Technology Development Zone. In 1999, approved by provincial Pay-Roll Management Committee, the Pilot-Test Base became the Over-Seas Student Venture Park. In November 2000, approved by the provincial government, it became the Sino-Belarus High-Tech Park. In November 2007, the National Ministry of Science names it as International Science and Technology Cooperation Base.
At present, the construction of the Pilot-Test Base has come to its mature stage, with completed infrastructures. Till the end of 2007, the Province has invested 160 million RMB in construction, with completed building area of 65,500 square meters, among which one building of Shandong International Science and Technology Cooperation Base covers an area of 25000 square meters, one building of Biological Technology Testing covers an area of 2700square meters, one pilot-test work-shop covers an area of 15000 square meters, one steel-structured experiment work-shop covers an area of 12000 square meters, one pilot-test building covers an area of 2000 square meter, one International Experts Guest House covers an area of 3800 square meters, employee's dormitory covers an area of 5000 square meters. There are also Programmable Control Telephone system, dual power supply systems of 35 KV and 10 KV, a drinking water well with 500 meters in deep, one above ground water container of 2000 cubic meters, main water supply pipe of 1200 meters with the ability to supply 750 cubic meters of water per day, main roads and auxiliary roads of 30000 square meters, 40000 square meters of lawn and over 30000 trees and plants.
With sticking to the motto of Openness, Cooperation and Service, the Pilot-Test Base has constructed open labs, standardized pilot-test workshops and provides the general public with pilot testing, incubating and related services. Within the base, there are six provincial-level key labs in the research area of biology technology, heat and energy engineering, drying technology, vehicular technology, computer grid, and fiber sensor technology. The Base has established research and development cooperation with universities and research institutions at home and abroad, in the area of gene drugs, industry micro biology, agriculture biology, biology electronics, solar energy, drying by heat technology, vehicular electronics, network security, network control and photo-electronics.