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The Institute of Oceanographic Instrumentation, SDAS

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The institute of oceanographic instrumentation, Shandong academy of sciences was founded in 1966. It is one of the pioneer scientific research institutions engaging in theory and application studies of marine technology, research and development and manufacture of oceanographic instruments and equipment. 
At present, the institute has 257 staff members, among which are 180 scientific technologists and 82 senior researchers.Three young experts have prominent contribution to Shandong province. Four people are top special talents of Qingdao province. And 9 science research members enjoy the government allowance from the State Department. The institute establishes one researching site for doctor’s degree and two sites for master’s in control theory and engineering. There are twenty-eight faculty advisers. The institute is a main scientific research base to cultivate postdoctoral students for Shandong academy of sciences. 
Since the 40 years of its foundation, the institute goes in for marine dynamic environment monitoring technology, marine ecology environment monitoring, marine acoustic detecting technology, automation control technology, and research and development of marine environment monitoring instrument. The technical levels of marine data buoy system takes the lead in China. The serial products of digital meteorological instruments are widely used in varied ships, coastal marine environment monitoring station, island unattended operation observation station and marine platform. The marine investigation tools play an important role to our national marine resources investigation. The institute bears over 280 items of national, provincial and ministry’s scientific researches. It obtained 3 prizes of NSTP, 20 prizes of PSTP and 46 prizes of ASTP. It has over 40 items of patent. The institute gained the license for manufacturing measuring instruments of P.R. China. In the year 2000, it acquired the ISO9001-2000 quality certificate. In 2004, it acquired the metrology accreditation certificate from Certification and Accreditation Administration of China. In 2006, it acquired the secrecy certificate and obtained the
manufacturing license of military equipment in scientific research. 
The ocean contains abundant resources. We should not only do some reasonable development and exploitation, but also do some protective measures. According to the request for the sustainable development of marine resources and ecology environment, the institute has been doing basic theory and applied technique research and development in several fields, such as marine dynamic environment monitoring and natural disaster warning system, marine ecology environment and water pollution monitoring equipment, marine acoustic detecting system and acoustic communication equipment, deep and high seas workstation, tide wave and current automation surveying instrument, capital ship-loading meteorological instrument, marine automation station measuring system and key technology equipment of energy utilization.