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Energy Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Science

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Energy Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Science, to which ShandongBiomass Gasification Key Lab, Shandong Sangle Solar Energy Co.Ltd,,Shandong Tianli Drying Equipment Co., Ltd., Shandong Ket Agriculture and TechnologyDevelopment Co., Ltd. are affiliated, was established on Oct. 1978.
Our institute is specified in such technologies as biomass heat conversion and taking residue as energy resource,drying and relevant environmental protection technology development, and solar energy application. We have accumulated relative enoughexpertise in above mentioned area and have achieved many results that are in line withthe international standard with its sole technical character.China Biomass Gasification Technology Research and PopularizationCenter, Shandong Biomass
Popularization Center, Drying Equipment and Technology Popularization Center of China Chemical Equipment General Company, Shandong Drying Technology Research and Popularization Center, Shandong HeatEngineering Technology Research and Popularization Center,Shandong Biomass Gasification Technology Key Lab are all based here. We attach great importance on technology exchange and cooperation.We have established technology exchange and research cooperation with over 10 colleges and research institutes home; and entered into solid cooperation and favorable technology exchange with universities, research institutes and companies from the United States, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, India,Belorussia,Poland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada abroad. Through the cooperation, we haveundertaken many international cooperation projects, and a solid foundation isavailable for future international development by learning and borrowingadvanced technology. The staff members from our institute will keep pace with time,work in the way of exploiting and innovation, cooperate with each other in one mind, and make the future of our institute more splendid.