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Biotechnology Center of Shandong Academy of Sciences Biology institute Of Shandong Academy Of Sciences

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A comprehensive research institution performs a wide spectrum of basic and applied researches on biology and biotechnology, with emphasis on the development of biosensor, agriculture microbiology, biochemical engineering, drug screening, marine foods, industry microbiology, plant cell and gene engineering, molecular immunology and enzyme preparations. 
Currently the institution has 90 staffs including 18 members with doctor degree, 29 members with master degree, 25 persons with senior technical titles, 37 persons with medium technical titles, 9 experts enjoyed the government's special allowance, 6 provincial outstanding talents and 1 young and mid-aged specialist credited with making outstanding state-level contributions. 
More than 140 research achievements have been made since the establishment of this institution, including16 national invention patents,
4 new products named by national government, 2 national certificates of new medicines and 7 biocontrol preparations licensed in Agricultural Ministry of China. 2 State Technical Invention Awards, 1 State Science and Technology Advancement Award, 20 provincial and ministerial science and technology advancement awards and 17 department or bureau awards are also included in the present achievements. 
International collaborations have been established with scientists from many counties and regions involving Canada, USA, Australia, France, UK, Israel, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, etc. The comprehensive cooperation has also been carried out with domestic research institutions and universities such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University , Peking University , Tsinghua University and Ocean University of China. 
The institution is committed to serve the public for the development of social economy with severe scientific spirit and high technical achievements. Welcome all friends for work instruction and academic exchange!