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Shandong Institute for Development Strategy of Science and Technology(SIDSST)

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Shandong Institute for Development Strategy of Science and Technology , was found in 1984. It is the only independent professional research institution engaged in soft science in Shandong province. There are 37 staffs in the institute, including 18 professors and associate professors, and 18 engineers. Among these staffs, there are 6 Ph.D. and 12 M .S. At present, SIDSST has 3 research centers: the research center for S&T policy, the research center for GIS and the research center for natural resources and environmental policy. In addition, the institution is home to four CAS research sections: Science and Management Press, Shandong Society for science of sciences and S&T management, and SAS productivity promotion center. In recent years , more than 20 state provincial class prizes have been rewarded. Besides, over 10 monographs and more than 150 papers were published. Most of research achievements fed into decision-making at province level about policies.

Through promoting the cross integration of multiple research areas and vigorously strengthen ing the building of research platform, the SIDSST has formed a platform building formwork to mainly serve for inter-province macroeconomic and S&T decision-making and advisory , regional sustainable development decision-making support, S&T evaluation and economic pre-warning.