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Laser Research Institute of Shandong Sciences Academy

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Laser Research Institute of Shandong Sciences Academy was established in May 1978. There is a hi-tech research center, four labs, a pilot plant, three industrial investment companies and a joint venture between China and Britain. 
There are two technological R & D platforms of Shandong Sciences Academy established at the hi-tech R&D center: laser detection and nondestructive detection, optical fiber sensing technology. Main direction is to carry out research in accordance with the supporting and guarantee system of national and provincial public causes, esp. differentiation of key danger sources, accident monitoring and prewarning, safe production process control etc. Centered on optical fiber sensing technology, laser measurement technology, infrared curtain technology and photoelectric technology. Research has been carried out in railway, highway, coal mine, petroleum, electric power, bridges and dam, machinery manufacture etc. Directing towards the plan of establishing large manufacture industry base of Shandong , precision detection and research in measurement technology in industry and manufacture are implemented. Precise testing, measurement theory and technology are provided with laser technology, electric-magnetic ultrasonic and fiber optic sensor. National industrial standard is carried out so as to construct our institute into a scientific research platform of public causes security theory and technology, precision testing and measurement technology supported by hi-tech of International level. 
Keep ahead in China in the technology of celerity measure of railway's safety, research on the anti-blast mapping apparatus of coal mine, safe production process of press, and we achieves a lot gradually. According to the international leading standard, research various optical fiber sensors (temperature, pressure, strain gauge, distributing temperature, gas detection, and sound wave detection) , and develop the research on the usage of optical fiber sensing technology in poisonous and flammable gas (gas, sulfur dioxide and so on) detection under well, aptitude fabric (bridges and dam), aptitude materials, cable safety prewarning underground, and earthquake waves detection. Deepen the research on laser apparatus and its usage; Finish the research on the technology of electromagnetic ultrasonic metal tube online nondestructive detection. And develop the new scientific fields actively.