cao shuliang

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Researcher, Cao Shuliang, former director of the new material research institute of SDAS, enjoys special subsidy of the State Department and mainly conducts researches in inorganic metalloid and ceramic materials. He has developed a new method to make V-Ti black ceramic and arc plate ceramic, and initiated a new field in the production and processing technology of ceramic materials. Architectural arc ceramic plate was awarded the national invention prize (second grade) and the Science and Technology Progressive award (second grade) of Shandong. At the same time, it was granted 12 invention patents and 20 practical new patents in China. The product was also granted patents by ten countries including the United States, Japan, the U.K, France, Germany, Italy, etc. In 1988, Researcher Cao gained the honor of “National Youth Expert Having Outstanding Contribution” and “Shandong Province Professional Technology Talent”. In 1991, Mr. Cao was awarded “Enriching People and Favoring Shandong” labor medal and in 1995, got the honor of “Outstanding Inventor of Shandong Province”. In 2004, he was awarded the honor “One of Ten Outstanding Inventors of Shandong Province” and in 2005, was awarded “Inventing and Exploiting Prize”.