li guoan

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Researcher Li Guoan, enjoying special subsidy of the State government, mainly conducts researches in heat resisting and wear resisting cast alloy material. Heat-resisting vermicular cast iron containing aluminum, the technology owned by Mr. Li Guoan, got the national invention award (third place) in 1992. The new TQ wear-resisting cast iron technology,which was distributed as a key product by the nation, got the award of Scientific and Technology Progressive (third place) of Shandong province, and the silver prize of national science and technology achievement exhibition and other eight prizes as well. He holds 3 invention patents,2 Practical New Models patents and 2 National New Product patents. He also got the title of Excellent Scientists and Engineers of Shandong province in 1992. He was awarded the title of Outstanding Contributing Middle-aged Expert of Nation by the central government in 1994 and the title of “Shandong Province Top Talent with Professional Skill” by Shandong provincial government in 1995.