meng xianduo

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Researcher Meng Xianduo, mainly involved in fine chemical engineering and the research of bonding techniques for hard to bond materials. He has presided and successfully completed over 20 key projects of State Science and Technology Commission, etc., which started a new area in the adhesive study and application of hard to bond materials in China. The hot-shrinkable tape adhesive won the 3rd class prize of National Innovation, and the high temperature resistant polyolefin hot-melt adhesive got the 4th class award of National Innovation and the first place award of Shandong Provincial Scientific and Technological Progressive Award. He also won 3 National Invention Patents and 1 Utility Model Patent, which were all put into industrial production and brought outstanding economic and social benefit. In 1991, he was awarded “Shandong Province Top Talent with Professional Skill” by Shandong Provincial Government and in 1992 got the title of “China Middle-aged Expert with Outstanding Contributions” by the State Council. He enjoys special subsidy by the State Department. Mr. Meng Xianduo got the award “Shandong Labor Medal for Prospering the Province and Enriching the Residents” by Shandong General Labor Union in 1992, and “Shandong Model Worker” by Shandong Provincial Government in 1995. Also in 1995, he was entitled “the 1st Excellent Patent Inventors of Shandong Province” by Shandong Patent Office and the Committee of Science and Technology of Shandong Province, and in 1997 he won the prize of “Shandong Province Top Talent with Professional Skill” from Shandong Provincial Government. From 1998 to 2006, he was invited to be the consultant to China Adhesive Industrial Association.