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Notice for recruiting “Mountain Tai Scholar” special experts by Shandong Academy of Sciences
Shandong Academy of Sciences is the only comprehensive high and new technology research and development (R&D) institute in Shandong Province and the research field mainly include: information technology, biological project, new materials, new energy and energy-saving technology, automatic technology, robot research and development, laser technology, intelligent instrument, analysis and testing, refined chemical engineering and soft science, etc. There is 1 national R&D base, 2 international technology& science cooperation bases of national level, 3 labs national recognized, 2 national technological achievement research and promotion centers, 9 provincial key laboratories, 10 engineering technology research centers of provincial level with 4 posts for “Mountain Tai Scholar”. There are more than 2000 employees in the academy, possessing a high-level R&D talent team and a number of excellent innovation teams who have achieved high-level R&D results and have comprehensive strength in undertaking key problems-solving, development of significant products and R&D of significant projects.
In 2007, with the approval of Shandong People’s Government, two “Mountain Tai Scholar” posts are newly established in Shandong Academy of Sciences; the posts are “Large-scale Drying Energy-saving Technology and Equipment” and “Automobile Electronic Technology Research and Application”. Now, the academy is recruiting “Mountain Tai Scholar” special experts both home and abroad.
I Recruitment requirements
Love the motherland; cherish the job devotionally with excellent professional ethics and scientific, realistic, cooperative and coordinative spirit;
II Post remuneration
Employment period of special experts is five years; during the employment period, the employee enjoys wages, insurances and related allowance prescribed by our country and at the same time, as well as the post allowance of special experts of “Mountain Tai Scholar”—100,000 Yuan (RMB).
III Post application materials
Fill in “Registration Form of Shandong Province Mountain Tai Scholar Special Professor (expert)”;
Contact reference:
Address: Personnel Department of Shandong Academy of Sciences, No. 19, Keyuan Road , Jinan City , Shandong Province
Contact person
0531-82605519 E-mail : kongfp@keylab.net
Kong Fanping 0531-82605519 E-mail : kongfp@keylab.net
0531-82605801 E-mail: luanjx@keylab.net
Luan Jianxin 0531-82605801 E-mail: luanjx@keylab.net